Joyce Crane Rings in the New Year with New Lift Video

January 1st…the New Year always holds great promise and renewed opportunities in our lives and businesses, and of course, there’s the annual commitment to losing those 10 pounds everyone gained over the holidays.

We are starting out 2018 by sharing our newest video featuring a bird’s eye view of the Bosque River Bridge Lift. This dramatic project involved Joyce Crane’s 900-ton mobile crane (LTM 1750-9.1 by Liebherr) and 600-ton truck crane/hydraulic lifting jib. Our goal was to successfully coordinate the lift of six 150’ bridge supports into place as the foundation of the new bridge to span the Bosque River, near Clifton, TX. The supports are 150 feet long and weigh 160,000 pounds each.

“Like many of Joyce Crane’s projects, this lift demanded highly detailed coordination and exacting performance as the existing, historic Whipple truss bridge was only 10 feet away from where we were working,” said Joe Bob Joyce. “The old bridge, completed in 1884, is the last functioning Whipple truss bridge and will be decommissioned to become a historic monument once the new bridge is completed. So it was critical that everything went and did go as smoothly as possible.”