Fall Outage Season Is Just Around The Corner

Don’t Let Productivity Fall Short This Outage Season.

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearing its conclusion and that the fall outage season is just around the corner! The upcoming season has us thinking about three key factors that influence productivity when planning for a fall outage: safety, efficiency, and cost savings.



Simply said, Joyce Crane is 100% committed to safety. When it comes to fall outages, our lifting and rigging experts are relentlessly dedicated to the highest standards of safety attainable. In order to achieve maximum safety on the job, it is crucial to plan all outages as far in advance as possible. It’s not too early to even start thinking about next spring’s outage should your project require special equipment that needs to be ordered.

Planning in advance often plays a large role in a successful outage project, and our Joyce Crane experts are deeply experienced in planning safe and efficient outages for jobsites including, but not limited to:

  • Power and Manufacturing Plants
  • Chemical Companies
  • Refineries
  • Wind Farms


With most outages ranging between one to eight weeks, our ultimate goal is to work efficiently as possible to ensure that your business experiences as little downtime as possible. 


“Time is money.” This is especially true when it comes to planned outages. When you bring on Joyce Crane for your fall outage needs, we become a partner invested in the success of your lift. Utilizing the proper equipment and lift team, we will work to maximize your cost savings wherever possible.  

Elevate your fall outage job with the lifting and rigging experts at Joyce Crane. To learn more about Joyce Crane or plan your future outages, click here to send us a message or give us a call at 1.800.443.8575.